Failure of a Photo Session

Yesterday, as most people know if they weren’t hiding under a rock in a third world country, was the Super Bowl. And being from WESTERN Pennsylvania we were rooting for the Steelers. Now, keep in mind our family is not a “sporty” family. We sometimes head to high school football games, but rarely do we watch it on television. But, it was the Super Bowl!!! (And they have the best commercials of the year!)

My lovely sister-in-law was kind enough to send us Steelers jerseys to wear for the game, and I thought she’d like to see them on the kids, so I made the mistake of trying to pose a picture of them to send to her.

This is what happened.

Come on girls let’s get a picture for Aunt Bev!

Baby, could you open your eyes, please?

Girls stop dancing for a minute, this is not the FLIP, and I am not taking movies here.

“It’s like freeze tag, Mama!” (I love this smile!)

Hey, let’s pretend we’re carrying the football!

That was pretty funny, huh, Mama? (This expression was my favorite!)

Baby, can you please hold your head still?

I know you love your Sissy, but let’s try one more where we can see the jersey?

I give up. This one works, it’s not my favorite, but the eyes are open, the shirts are facing us, and it is relatively blur free.

Next time I think I’ll just let them goof off, put the camera of a fast setting, get pictures where I can and hope one turns out.


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