Just Toast-y

I made a mistake somewhere with Big.
Big didn’t learn how to make toast until recently (did I mention she was 10?).

By the time I was her age, I could not only make toast, I was in charge of burning dinner once a week?

It’s not that Big doesn’t like to cook; she’s just more interested in her books.

It’s not that Big can’t cook at all. She’s can make a mean bowl of cereal, and isn’t too bad with the microwave basics – pancakes, hotdogs and popcorn. She’s well on her way to taking over my Domestic Pretender apron!

I’ve decided not to repeat the mistake with Baby.

Baby has always loved to cook, where Big is just getting interested in the idea.

Baby usually is the ingredient adder and the oven watcher:



“I’ll let you know if it’s going to burn, Mama!” She’s better than a timer.

So, this morning Baby asked to make toast. And I figured, why not? She couldn’t be any worse at it than I am!

So today Baby learned to make toast.

First, you put the bread in the toaster…



And then we waited.

I took the hot toast out of the toaster because Baby is her mother’s child and I didn’t want a trip to the ER for a toaster burn.

And, Baby started buttering!


And buttering…


And buttering (did I mention Baby is her Nana’s granddaughter LOVES butter)…


FINALLY, there was enough butter and it was time to cut the toast (because everyone knows that buttered toast is best when cut in half).

So, she gave it a try.


Cutting toast with a dull butter knife doesn’t work so well, so it didn’t get cut.

BUT that didn’t diminish her sense of accomplishment over making her own toast!


AHHHH…nothing like hot, buttered toast on a cold winter morning!

I wonder what will happen when we try to make cookies this afternoon…


2 thoughts on “Just Toast-y

  1. Kids need skills. Who better to point that out than a mother of three largely skilless Dudes?! I’m counting on their adorable blank stares, their perfectly coiffed hair, and their dashing good looks to help them snag a woman to do their bidding. Sounds horrible, I know, but I plan to interview extensively for the position so they’ll know full well what they’re signing up for! Plus it should take minuetil they’re at least 30 to find someone willing to take care of a man baby who can’t cook, clean, or tie his shoes correctly!

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