Those sunny winter days

If you are anyplace with snow, just use your imagination.

If you are someplace warm and sunny, do your best to come down to my level.

In any case close your eyes and picture this:

A bright, sunny day.

Not too warm, not too cold.

Like Baby Bear’s porridge, it is just right.

Now insert a playground, late afternoon, laughing, squealing children.

And you will have us this last Saturday.

This last weekend was exactly what we were promised from those trying to lure us from the snowy winters of Pennsylvania to Tennessee.

Last Wednesday there was snow, school was closed.

On Saturday and Sunday we were in the 60’s!


So, we did what any parent in their right mind does when the weather cooperates, we took Big and Baby to the playground to run off some excess energy and hopefully put some color in their naturally glaring white complexions.

We started out with coats. What can I say, I’m neurotic and don’t want them to catch colds!

But pretty soon, there was the whole, “Moooooooommmmmm, I’m hot! Can I take off my coat?” Yup, you can. Just put it back on if you start to get cold.

The girls decided to play pirate.

They finally talked the Ranger into playing, but he declined a photograph, and unlike the children, he has some pull. So, we’re skipping those photos and moving on to more fun.

Like follow the leader!

Oh, and I can’t forget one of those infamous “bum shots” is it just me or did God forget to give Big a bum? She’s lucky her pants stay up!

Anywho, it was a beautiful weekend in Tennessee, we got some fresh air and the girls got an extra layer of glare on their arms. But don’t worry, we’re supposed to get the edge of this big storm heading across the country this week, so the sun won’t last. In the meantime, au revoir from TN.



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