Book Review: Rick Riordan “The Red Pyramid: The Kane Chronicles, Book1”

I may have mentioned that I like to read.

If not, consider yourself informed.

I read a LOT!


I L-O-V-E Young Adult / Teen novels.

The Ranger says it’s my mental level, the eternal teeny-bopper.

I say that they are just fast, easy and uncomplicated to read.

I L-O-V-E Rick Riorden YA novels (he has some adult novels, but I haven’t read those).

So, who is Rick Riorden?

Mr. Riorden is a former teacher turned author from San Antonio, TX.

He is most well known for the Lightening Thief series.

That was a fabulous series.

If you’ve seen the movie, the book is much better!

But this review isn’t about the Lightening Thief.

This is a review of one the books in one of his newer series, The Red Pyramid. (He has several series going on at once).

The Red Pyramid is book one in the Kane Chronicles trilogy.

I liked The Lightening Thief, but I L-O-V-E-D
The Red Pyramid.

The book follows the mystery surrounding the lives of 14-yr old Carter Kane and his sister, 12-yr old Sadie. The pair have been separated since their mother’s death 6-yrs prior to the beginning of this book. Carter has lived a life on the go with his father, an Egyptologist, while Sadie has lived a stable life with their maternal grandparents in London. By court order, the family is allowed to be together only once a year, Christmas. However, this Christmas things go wrong, their father goes missing as the Rosetta Stone is destroyed and Sadie and Carter are thrown together in a race to find their father and save the world from a group of Egyptian gods who escape their jails during the chaos. The book travels the world taking readers to England, Egypt, the United States and even to the lands of Egyptian mythology.

What makes this book great? Well, where The Lightening Thief deals with the Greek gods, The Red Pyramid brings in the Egyptian gods. (I’ve always had a soft spot for ancient history and the beliefs of the people who lived in those eras; and I’ve also always had a love for Egyptian history). Another things about this book is that it is one of the few books I’ve read that portrays a strong, smart African-American hero. I like that the book is written from multiple viewpoints. While that can be confusing other books, in the case of this series it is written from the points of view of both Carter and Sadie. It clearly defines the speaker at the beginning of each chapter. I also found that I did not have to spend a lot of my time flipping the pages in the book back and forth trying to recall who was good and who was bad.

This book is a good read for those who enjoys adventure / fantasy books. It could easily be read by pre-teens, around 12 and up. It should be on most Accelerated Reading lists, and no one who has read this book on my recommendation has been disappointed.(And as a librarian, I’ve recommended HUNDREDS of books!). This book could also be used as a learning tool to supplement any non-fiction lessons on Egyptian mythology. The characters played by the gods in this book are true to their nature in Egyptian mythology.

The Red Pyramid was published last May. However, it is a great time to pick it up! The second book in the series, The Throne of Fire is to be published in May 2011. In the meantime, if you have not read them yet, you should pick up some of his other books. More information about Mr. Riorden and his work can be found on his website,

Wonder what I’ll read next.

*There are no pictures to this particular blog because I didn’t want to infringe on any copyrighted materials.


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