Some Snow, a Safari and a Needle

It has been a slow weekend at our house.

There was another Snow Day on Friday. We were assured that it didn’t snow in TN, those people LIED!

The snow was pretty much gone by noon, but still…

I’m working on a Domestic Pretender sewing project (post to come soon).

And, in the middle of this project I realized I was missing the talent an integral part to complete the project.

I haven’t even had to call my Mama yet! But stay close to the phone, Mom…

Anywho, in order to complete this project I just had to force my family myself to go to the Hobby Lobby.

There were three to pick from, we chose Paducah. I just love the name Paducah!

So, there we were in Paducah (hehehehehehe, Paducah) and we found a couple of friends to add to our family.

Normally we stick to letting the girls pick a new book when we head to town, which would explain why I still have 9 boxes of books to unpack.

But the Ranger is such a sucker for little girls with big eyes these guys were soooooo cute!

Anywho, life was happy until this morning. Why would things go haywire this morning?

Because Big thought she would be helpful. Big likes to be helpful.

Look at the camera, Sissy!

Big pulled the tag off Baby’s giraffe, Safari.

“How am I supposed to remember her name?” Baby asked. “Can you fix it?” sob, sob, sniffle, snuffle, flump.

“Never mind, Mama! I fixed it myself!” (Note the butterfly clip holding the tag on).

It didn’t quite work the way she wanted so she started sobbing again; so I assured her I could fix it by sewing it on.

“NOOOO!!!!! You might hurt Safari, she’d have nightmares! Don’t you go near my friend with a needle, Mama!”

So, Safari is now tag-less. I have to wonder how long she’ll remember the name of her little pet and how soon it will acquire the name Giraffe.

For that matter, I have to wonder how soon she will forgive me for threatening her poor little Giraffe with a needle. Bad Mama!


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