Writer’s Workshop – Free to Imagine

It could be argued that children are overscheduled these days and aren’t given the opportunity to be bored and exercise their imaginations.

I can’t speak for anyone else’s household or children. But, in my house, the kids don’t come to me and whine, “I’m bored!”

Big used to try this, but she learned that the only thing she would get from that particular statement was chores!

“Fine, you’re bored. Go make your bed!” HA!

Bored is a naughty word in the vocabulary of this Mama!

However, my children are neither overscheduled nor are they lacking in imagination.

Early into the world of parenting, the Ranger and I decided that we would allow our child 1 extra-curricular activity outside school hours (not including CCD which is mandatory). Our children have a LOT of time to be bored! Especially right now because with the move coming just after the beginning of school, we missed all the sign-ups for the activities our kids would want to take part in.

Imagination is something this family has in spades. I like to imagine that someone else is going to come clean my house for me. I like to imagine that my computer lab will be finished soon so I can start work. I like to imagine that my Sissy, Mama, and friends are around the block and not hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Big has a fabulous imagination; Baby is imagination incarnate dancing through life.

Her imaginary friend will probably accompany her to therapy when she grows up.

Tonight was a prime example of Baby’s imagination. I was playing games of Facebook on my computer, the Ranger was in his office, Big was reading her book, and Baby was heard and not seen. I kept hearing hops, skuttles, “Take that! And THAT!” and I couldn’t quite figure out what she could possibly be doing.

This is what I found.

This was the conversation (paraphrased for space)

What are you playing?

The Princess Pirate! ARGH!

So, are you the princess and a pirate?


Then are you the princess or the pirate?

Ummmmm….wait, I’m going to have to think of a different name. How about the Pirate Rescuers?

Okay, sounds good. So the hanger is your sword then what is the glue stick (the green thing in her other hand).

No, Mom! The hanger is my hook! The glue is my sword. But I’m not Captain Hook!

Oh. Did you fix your dress yourself?

Yep, with this clip. Clever, huh? (Did I mention that my kids have crazy vocabularies?)

____    ___    ____

So I took the kids up to bed a few minutes later and suggested that maybe it would be a good idea for me to take Daddy’s hat back downstairs.

That’s okay, Mom. I’m not going to play this tomorrow. Tomorrow I’m going to imagine a different game.

No, imagination is not dead, at least not in this Mama’s household.






2 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop – Free to Imagine

  1. Love it. “Heard and not seen”. Perfectly describes my 3 yo. son. He has an imaginary son of his own, Georgie. The two of them keep me laughing daily.

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