Wordful Wednesday – Snow Angel

Big LOVES snow!

Almost as much as she LOVES a snow day from school.

She was so very excited when we got our first snow in Tennessee.

You see, there is more than a foot of snow up in PA and she was feeling a bit homesick and she was missing the snow.

Then, one morning we woke up and there it was, a very light blanket of the white stuff!

After church she wanted to play in that stuff, so I pulled out the snow pants, the boots, the hat, gloves, scarf and heavy coat. I’m from snow country, we KNOW how to dress for the stuff…

She piled it all on and waddled her way out the door. There were no other children outside; (Baby wouldn’t even go outside) but that did not deter her from her mission.

A Snow Angel.

MY Snow Angel.

After about 10 minutes and a perfect Snow Angel she was ready to head back in the house.

They assured us there would be no snow in Tennessee. I’m so very glad they were wrong.


2 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday – Snow Angel

  1. Dude #3 was obsessed with these during our last snow fall. And when he finished, he too was ready to head inside for hot chocolate! Snow angel making is cold work!

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