Snow Days

I love the snow!

Let me clarify this statement, I love to sit in a nice warm house and watch fat, fluffy snowflakes fall lazily from the sky. I grew up in the mountains so I’m used to the snow.

I moved to Pennsylvania, now I’m REALLY used to the snow! In Pennsylvania, it was not unusual to have some snow on the ground from mid-November through Easter. You could wake up to a foot of snow, wait an hour or two (until the plows went through) and be on about your day with relatively few road problems. Last year was particularly nasty, the girls couldn’t even sled in their Grandmother’s backyard because we wouldn’t have found them again until spring.

It would take something extreme for them to call a Snow Day – a 2-hour delay, maybe Snow Day, probably not.

I’ve taken Baby and Big to the bus stop on a SLED because the snow was too deep for them to walk down the sidewalk. This snow fell on a Saturday in Feb. 2010, I think they ended up with Monday off and were back to school on Tuesday.

Big has been laughing like a Loon since we’ve moved to Tennessee. She has been thrilled to have 3 Snow Days so far this year, 2 of them this week. Why does Big think this is so funny? (besides the fact that it gets her out of school) Because we’ve had less than 2 in. of snow TOTAL!

I realize that snow doesn’t happen often in Tennessee or the South, but my little Northern brain is having a bit of trouble shuffling this information around. While there’s not a whole lot of snow, it looks kinda pretty where it settles down. (I know my photography leaves something to be desired, but I’ll get better…PROMISE!)

So what do my kids do on their Snow Days? Well, there wasn’t enough snow to play in, it was just cold and wet, soooooooo….

  • Baby played the Wii for a bit. Then spent time annoying her sister.
  • Big is currently grounded from the Wii, so she spent time on YouTube watching walkthroughs and coaching Baby on how to play the Wii, and annoying her sister.
  • They both did their best to drive me crazy and get grounded!

  • Queenie got grounded too.
  • As for Mama, I prayed for there to be school tomorrow before even I get grounded!



One thought on “Snow Days

  1. Snow days at Casa de Dummies ALWAYS involves time with the Wii. And fighting. We are having one today and the satellite isn’t working great thanks to it being covered with snow. Recipe for disaster!

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