Smells Fishy

I love to cook! Notice I didn’t say, “I am a great cook!” My Dad used to regale his coworkers with my cooking exploits when I was learning to cook. I once won a contest for the worst tasting cake by the smell that it emitted when cut open. My Dad didn’t realize I had made it that way on purpose and choked down a HUGE piece before I could stop him. He was relieved that I didn’t expect him to finish the cake.

Now, my family is rather picky about food so I tend to stick with a few recipes that almost everyone will eat in one form or another. Every once in awhile, I go to my collection of cookbooks (I love to read cookbooks!), pull one off a shelf and get inspired. Many of these cookbook experiments end with, “Honey, we are going out for supper!”

This time I thought I had found something that the Ranger would LOVE! (Notice I didn’t say something that the entire family would love)- A copycat recipe for Long John Silver’s fish. When I met the Ranger, Long John Silver’s was one of his favorite food groups. I grew up on the coast. I know fish, I like fish, but fish don’t like me. My girls like fish, they like them in the aquarium but not on their dinner plates.

So, wanting to do something for my hubby (I sure do love him!) I decided to make the fish.

First problem, I needed cod. I live in Western Tennessee and unless you are in the mood for catfish, you can’t get fresh fish. It took me two stores before I found some frozen. Got it! The second problem, the recipe called for soy bean oil. Mama, say what? I haven’t gotten that look from a grocery store clerk since I asked someone to help me buy a can of beer a few weeks ago (but that’s another story). I settled for canola oil. Third problem, did I mention the fish was frozen and it needed to be cut into pieces. I planned to make the fish on Saturday, but defrosting didn’t go the way I pictured and we had frozen pizza while the fish finished defrosting in the fridge over night.

So I made Faux Fish on Sunday. The ingredients were pretty easy to throw together AND there was the perk of getting to use my mixer. The mixer was excited to see me too, it usually only sees the light of day during the holidays when I am baking cookies (I am a great cookie maker!).

I think I overheated my oil because it splattered EVERYWHERE! I used one of those handy spatter screens and it splattered through the screen! The fish smelled fishy, the batter smelled battery and the oil smelled oily; but the end result looked pretty good. The Ranger liked it! The kids liked the fact that I let them eat something else. I’m not sure if I’ll make this fish again, it’s pretty messy (or maybe it’s just me that’s pretty messy).

I think next weekend I’ll attempt to make Rose’s doughnuts. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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