So What

So what makes me think blogging is a good idea? What makes me think I can do this? So what do I have to blog about?

Basically, I’m not exactly sure blogging IS a good idea or that I CAN do this, but I thought, “Why not?” I’ve always wanted to try it, so I’m giving it a shot!

First off, let’s straighten out the title, I’m not a Mama by accident, I’m a Mama by choice (I love being a Mama). I’m in the South kinda sorta on accident. It was kinda sorta planned and thought about (for about 3 minutes) when my husband called and said, “They offered me the position at _______. What do you think?” I knew there was a possibility we would be moving from Pennsylvania, but we had just about given up on the resumes that had been sent out and had planned to stay where we were.

I’m blogging about my life as a Mama from the hills of the Pacific Northwest who spent 12 years in the mountains of Western Pennsylvania who has just moved to Western Tennessee. I’m blogging about my urchins – Big and Baby; about my idiot cats; about being me and living my life.

This blog is mostly for friends and family who now live very, VERY far away, but if you are interested in seeing what kind of trouble I can get myself into feel free to hang around.


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